A quick introduction to building with MeVerify


Use our Sandbox environment to build your integration. We offer dummy data that mimics that of real-world use cases, which means you can test out all the endpoints, use the widget, and implement webhooks - just the same as with real-world data!

All you need to get started with the Sandbox environment is to get your API keys. We really recommend that you start creating your integration in this environment.

client_token - A unique identifier used to get quick support and add-ons integration
Public API Key - Used with secret key alongside integration to retrieve records.
Secret Key - A unique set of string of numbers or letters used only during API implementation
Sandbox - Get started with test credentials that mimic that of real-world use cases
Production - Launch your app with live credentials.


❗️ Got stuck?

If you get stuck at any point in the Quickstart, help is just a click away! Ask other developers in our Slack developer community.

Get Started in 5 minutes

In this guide, we'll get you set up with API keys, a Postman collection, and run you through a simple flow with our API so you can see how easy it is to access a whole world of information!

Create a MeVerify Account
1. Go to the MeVerify sign-up page and fill in the required fields.

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2. Check your inbox for an email from us and confirm your email address.
3. Create a project from your dashboard
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Next Steps

Congratulations ✳️, you have completed the MeVerify Quickstart! From here, we invite you to modify the Quickstart code in order to get more practice with the MeVerify API.