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What is MeVerify?

MeVerify is a product of Pintop Technologies Limited. MeVerify's API empowers companies and developers to build products with seamless access to inclusive financial data while also giving the ability to easily get financial recommendation to any individuals.

How does MeVerify work?

Once you implement MeVerify, you can easily access users identification details.

To create this connection, your users need to share their credentials with MeVerify. We encrypt these credentials as we receive them and only use them to access the account in read-only mode.

Once the link is created between your app and your user, you can pull personal data.

What countries does MeVerify operate in?

MeVerify is currently only fully operational in Nigeria.. Look out for announcements on our expansion on our blog.

Does MeVerify give out loans?

MeVerify is not a lender and we are not in the business of giving out loans. We create APIs for companies in the lending sector requiring our services to enhance their lending business.

Does MeVerify guarantee that clients will pay back their loans?

No. MeVerify is not a third party between borrowers and lenders.

MeVerify only provides a platform for the lending companies to garnish their clients using our APIs when they default.

Is MeVerify a payment gateway?

No. We integrate with other payment gateways, such as Paystack and Flutterwave to make the payment processes more efficient.

Is MeVerify for individuals or businesses?

MeVerify is for both businesses and individuals. Registered businesses get access to MeVerify APIs.
Individuals via our mobile apps can get easy recommendations.

When MeVerify retrieves my financial data, who has access to it?

The institution from whose project you are connecting from has full access to such data. We do not share your data with any app without your consent and do not sell or rent the personal information we collect.

The data that MeVerify accesses and shares with your apps is determined by the connections you've made, the MeVerify services you've chosen to power your connected apps, and the information provided by the institution.

For more information about the types of data MeVerify accesses, please see Privacy Policy and our Terms of Conditions.

If you have any questions about the data MeVerify accesses, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]